About me

Being in that thing called Internet since 1999, i enjoyed the good times and suffered in the downtime as well. Therefore i know to value a longterm strategy that includes every possible marketing, sales and customer service channel and is measurable. It can always go faster, but usually this never really works out in the end.

I worked from 2005-2011 at StepStone to develop an international online strategy, drive performance marketing and set up the traffic team.

From June 2011 to July 2014 i was the marketing director for Searchmetrics, to lead the company’s global marketing initiatives. Searchmetrics is the global leading search- and social analytics software provider, covering more than 76 countries worldwide with its software.

Since September 2014 i work as Vice President Customer Lifecycle (running Sales, Service, Training/Coaching and customer Marketing) for auxmoney, germanys leading P2P lending platform. I am responsible for the customer lifecycle, nurturing and engagement campaigns, driving the sales and customer service and raising the business conversions. In addition i am responsible for the marketing CRM topics and work with Marketo on our marketing automation campaigns. Currently running a team of 75 professionals in Düsseldorf.

A highly results-oriented marketing and sales professional, i am a true believer in results tracking and measurement as well as in the power of multi-channel efforts – as i know first-hand it takes an integrated approach to achieve a truly successful revenue stream.

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